ORGANIC SKIN CARE,  HERBAL TEA - SMOOTHIE BLENDS AND SPICE PRODUCTS - Along with Spiritual Gemstone Jewelry - Created  in Hawaii since 2009 - based on over 20 years of Ayurvedic herbal formulations and Ancient Teachings 

ALOHAVEDA originated in Australia after embracing Hawaiian and Ayurveda healing modalities. Susan Wilesmith founder of Alohaveda, moved to Kauai and studied advanced healing in Ayurveda and Lomi Lomi with her teachers in 2003. She started formulating Organic Herbal formulations in 2009 under the name Ayurveda Superfood and Supergreen528HZ Inc, and in 2018 changed the name back to ALOHAVEDA and continues using the name Ayurveda Superfood for the Organic Products.. The Organic Products and Ayurvedic Treatments along with Hawaiian Healing and other Spa Modalities is based in Maui Hawaii. The Products can be found in Health Food Stores around Hawaii and sourced online.

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