Susan Wilesmith Biography


Susan is originally from Australia and lives on the beautiful island of Maui. She undertook her first massage training at the age of 15 in Swedish Massage.

She later received training in Zen Shiatzu and Chinese Medicine, completing two levels.

Susan’s passion for knowledge and further training in cultural healing led her to complete 5 levels of Temple Style Hawaiian Massage in Australia.

Whilst working as a Masseuse in Australia giving LomiLomi Massages and Shiatzu, Susan began Ayurvedic studies with Professor Jason Chandler at the Ayurveda House in Kyogle NSW west of Bryon Bay Australia.

Susan moved  to Kauai in 2003 where she studied Traditional Ho’oponopono Lomi Lomi with Alan Alapi’i and Qi Gong with Master Hong. Whilst living in Kauai Susan studied with Dr Suhas Kshirsagar, an Ayurvedic Doctor, and Jyotish Vedic Medical Astrologer.  Susan had the opportunity of completing a 12month Ayurvedic Diploma with Dr Suhas Kshirsagar in 2004 and was a lead Panchakarma Therapist in his Panchakarma Clinic in Kauai from 2004 – 2007. Susan also studied with Dr Paul Dugliss – online studies of Ayurveda and Pulse Diagnosis. Susan continues to study Ayurveda with Dr Jayarajan Kodikannath from Kerala Ayurveda, based in California. Dr J and Susan regularly prepare Clients for Panchakarma via Skype Consultations anywhere in the world as well as assisting them in health programs and herbal recommendations.

Susan works as an Ayurvedic Practitioner specializing in Panchakarma Cleanses and Ayurvedic Nutritional and Lifestyle Consultations. She is also a Private Chef for cleansing and balancing meals, and many other forms of healing modalities.

Susan’s additional interests include Meditation, Qi Gong, Ashtanga Yoga, Ayurvedic Cooking, Herbal Formulations, Teaching Hawaiian and Ayurvedic Massage, and embracing the beauty and Mana of the Hawaiian Islands.

Susan’s passion is for everybody to Self Heal, mind, body and spirit with the breath of life (Aloha), releasing and forgiving (Ho’opono’pono Lomi Lomi), regular cleansing and to connect with the environmental elements to receive higher consciousness through self awareness and presence.

Living on the Island of Maui Susan believes everyone is a Kapuna (Teacher of Spiritual knowledge). Everyone has something to share. Visit Susan at her Clinic ALOHAVEDA situated in Makawao, Maui Hawaii.

Susan Wilesmith born 30 December 1964
Two Children: Mariah and Saje
Lives: Kula , Maui
Clinic: Makawao, Maui, Hawaii
Offers: Ayurvedic Clinic and Many Healing Modalities/ Apothecary
Contact: 808 634-0346