Garnesh! – MOSQUITO REPELLENT – Org Natural – 4oz

Garnesh Protect 4oz Mozzie RepelOrganic Ingredients of natural herbs, plants, and essential oils.
Has a touch of alcohol for preservation, natural antiseptic and to dry the effected area.
Alcohol is used to keep the pores open in the skin.
Plants and herbs used in this mozzie spray grown by the AlohaVeda Clinic.

No Bites - Mosquito Repellent - Organic Natural Herbal Spray 4oz Ingredients: Purified Mint Aloe Vera Water, Rubbing Alcohol, Lemongrass Oil, Lime Oil, Lavender, Noni, Rosemary, Lemon Eucalyptus, Kamani Oil, Noni Oil, Neem Oil Spray on to relieve bites and repel mosquitos and other insects. Keep out of Reach of Children. Can cause irritation to the eyes (avoid)


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