10 DAY – Lomilomi Training – Big Island Hawaii – 2017

Lomi Massage Training

Aloha and welcome to “ALOHAVEDA” MASSAGE ACADEMY – 43-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa

Feb 28 2017 – March 4th 2017 – (first level) – Back Sequence
March 7 2017 – March 11 2017 – (2nd Level) – Front Sequence

BOOK ONLINE: www.alohaveda.com/ Call 808 6340346

Includes: 10 Days of Practical Training: $1,500 (does not include tax)

PAYMENT: $500 deposit at the time of signing up, with remainder of payment being made on the first day of training. Payment can be made by credit card/paypal/cheque to P O Box 1362, Honokaa HI 96727

Susan Wilesmith has been a massage therapist for over thirty years. She is well-versed in several modalilties including Ayurvedic healing (Panchakarma). Susan first learned Lomilomi in Australia and travelled to Hawaii to further her studies at the source (kumu) with the Hawaiian Masters (Kahuna Lomilomi). She has practiced Lomilomi in Hawaii now for over ten years.
Michael Barretto, Susan’s husband, is native to Hawaii and learned in the traditional way from his family (‘ohana), Grandparents and elders (Kupuna) and Hula teacher (Kumu Hula). The passing down of the ancient knowledge is alive and well in Michael and he shares Hawaiian Philoshophy and History .
Susan teaches a form of massage called “Lomilomi Kahawai” which means “Flowing River Massage. “Susan has taken her many versed regimen of massage modalities and combined her experience into this master work of Massage Therapy. Built on the firm base of Hawaiian Lomilomi, her system incorporates the finest points of many different styles of Hawaiian massage. Susan has developed a system which helps the Student become a Therapist massaging with an energetic flow, taking their Client on an inner journey of physical and spiritual release and fullfillment.
The team gives a fully rounded experience in your Lomilomi training. Susan and her family now reside in Kamuela , Big Island, and offer all modalities of Lomi Lomi and Ayurveda training at her Academy or in group and Private Lessons.

TIME: 9am – 5pm daily for 5 days

Full Back of Body Lomi Lomi Massage
Opening Chant

Review of Back Massage
Full Front Body Lomi Lomi Training
End of Day Chant

Where: BIG ISLAND, 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa HAWAII (808 6340346)

“I have to share what an amazing and personally transformative experience my Kauai lomilomi massage training with Susan Wilesmith at Alohaveda was. I have been a certified massage therapist practicing for 8 years and I have done several intensives in that time. I very much appreciated Susan’s intuition and sensitivity to my personal process making this ‘intensive’ a celebration rather than uncomfortably intense. Our time in Kalalau, working in the open air and immersed in the heartland of this healing modality, was truly an adventure and an opportunity to re-connect with nature and Self. Even if I never did another massage, the experience was well worth it and I highly recommend this gifted teacher and this magical experience.”

~Never Forget the Pleasure of the Journey~
Annalise Ozols RMT, NCTMB
Therapeutic Massage~Pancha Karma Treatments


Please Note: Any disruptions, drama, misconduct towards Massage Establishment, other students or Clients, person will be asked to leave without a refund