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Location: 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa

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AYURVEDA IS AN ANCIENT FORM OF HEALTH TREATMENT FROM INDIA, dating back more than 5,000 years. Chinese Medicine came from Ayurveda. Ayurveda is used for Maintenance of Health, Prevention of Disease and Removal of Disease. Ayurveda helps restore the body’s natural intelligence back to a state of balance. Everybody benefits from these treatments.

AYURVEDIC LIFESTYLE AND NUTRITION CONSULTATION. EAT, MOVE, HEALTH – 1.5hrs $80 – Phone or Personal Consultations on Appointment
Email: Susan Wilesmith at supergreen528@gmail.com

PLEASE NOTE AT THE TIME OF BOOKING A SPA TREATMENT CREDIT CARD INFORMATION IS TAKEN. THERE IS A 24 HOUR CANCELLATION POLICY. A full charge of the Treatment will be debited to Credit Card if 24 hour policy is not honoured.

Relaxing and Detoxing

PANCHAKARMA: DELUX DETOX TREATMENT – 2hrs per day for 3 – 30 consecutive days.
$200 per day Single Therapist/$300 Double Therapist. Includes 1hr Warm Oil Massage using Ayurvedic Medicinal Oils for healing and rebalancing. 1/2 hour of Ayurvedic Treatment specific for clients detox program. Followed by sensory treatment to eyes, ears, nose and Enema. Amazing Results of reducing stress, weight loss, clarity and much more….

WHERE: 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa BIG ISLAND, HAWAII
Contact: 808 6340346 / email: susanwilesmith@yahoo.com

PANCHAKARMA – 45 – 3396 Mamane Street,Honokaa, Big Island Hawaii

Daily 2 hour Panchakarma Detox Treatment
Daily Pulse Diagnosis
Ayurvedic Consultation
Ayurvedic Meals
Herbal Teas
Drop Off and Pick up from Airport if requested

Cost: $1,600 – 5 DAYS
Cost: $2,240 – 7 DAYS
Cost: $4,480 – 14 DAYS
Cost: $6,420 -21 DAYS
Cost: $9,120 – 30 DAYS

Meals are included in the above price

Tax not included in the above prices
Payment by Paypal/Cash/Credit Cards
Gift Vouchers Available
20% Nonrefundable Deposit at the time of booking. Remainder of payment is made on the first day of treatment (nonrefundable).


Abhyanga Massage: Herbal organic oil is poured onto and massaged into the body. This treatment aids in detoxing the body through lymphatic drainage and also nourishes and calms down the nervous system. Other benefits are prevents aging and increases longevity. Removes fatigue and stress from life overall. Promotes good vision. Remedies insomnia. Creates an electrochemical balance in the body. Prevents dehydration of the skin.
1hr Single Therapist – $80 – 2 Therapists $150

VEDA BLISS TREATMENT: Herbal organic oil is poured onto and massed into the body in circular and long strokes. 8 Essential Oils are used for reducing Stress, Immune System Support, Inflammatory Support and Lymphatic Support. This treatment is extremely relaxing , while you enjoy the aroma of the essential oils balancing all Doshas, enhancing the immune and nervous system. 1.5 hrs: $120

Shirodhara: This treatment is a warm oil flow to the head. Warm oil poured on the forehead is one of the most divine, relaxing therapies one can experience. ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. When people get up from this therapy, a healthy glow radiates from their skin. People look 20 years younger. Eyes gleam with tranquility while lips wear a smile of serenity. Shirodhara helps with diseases of the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and nervous system. It also relieves insomnia, asthma, cholesterol, enlarged prostate, ulcers, rheumatism, etc. and is used to heal difficult diseases like diabetes, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.
includes Abhyanga Massage – 1.5hrs $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

Takradara: Ancient Traditional Ayurvedic healing method of cooling the mind with the pouring of warm buttermilk and herbs through a copper vessel onto the forehead.
includes Abhyanga Massage – 1.5hrs $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

ShiroPadhara: Ancient Traditional Ayurvedic healing method of calming the mind with the pouring of warm oil through a copper vessel to the forehead at the same time receiving a warm Coconut Oil pour through a copper vessel to the feet. This method is to calm the mind and to also cool the senses with the healing of oils to the feet.
includes Abhyanga Massage – $1.5hrs – Two Therapists $180

Udvartana Body Scrub with Herbalised Steam: Vigorous scrubbing treatment using a cleansing herb which cleanses and detoxifies the body…This treatment purifies the system and is a beneficial weight loss treatment. Warm Oil poured over the body with the Scrub
1.5hr – $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

Pinda Sveda: Pinda Sveda is a traditional pancha karma treatment. Pinda sveda is a rejuvenation technique that causes the body to perspire by warm oil massage followed by hot Pinda balls.

Pinda sveda makes the body supple, and removes stiffness and swelling in the joints. It heals Vata disorders, clears obstructions, improves blood circulation, removes wastes from the body, improves complexion, strengthens digestion and restores vigor.

Pinda balls are made with cooked rice with herbs warmed in milk and applied to the body after a warm oil Abhyanga.
1.5hr – $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

Herbalised Yogurt Skin Treatment:    Nourishing and soothing to the  cells of the skin.  Deeply relaxing and rejuvenating.  This warm herbal skin treatment consists of herbs and flowers and is cooling for the body. Warm Oil is applied with the Skin Treatment
1hr – $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

Heated Sand Bags: Warm Sand Bags are rubbed onto the body after organic oil massage application for a deep penetrating heat, focusing on the removing toxins from the bone tissue. Ideal for aching joints and bones
1.5hr = $120 Single Therapist/$180 Double

CASTOR PLANT POULTICE WITH HERBS : Poultice of castor and Sesame Oil, with turmeric, Noni, Brahmi, massaged on the body with warm oil. 1hr treatment, suitable for all types, Especially relaxing, and healing for sore muscles, joints and bones. Healing for post surgery of broken bones. Cost: $120.00 – 1 hour Specialised Treatment

Karna (Ear) Treatment: Karna is an Ancient Traditional Ayurvedic Healing method of calming the mind and body with the application of warm oil drops into the ears. Excellent before and after travel or any disorder of the sense organs such as headaches, ear pain, headaches, lockjaw, wry neck and diseases of the gums and teeth. Includes Head Massage
30 mins – $45

Nasya (Nose) Treatment: Ayurveda believes that Nasya is the gateway to the head. Nasya is the application of warm herbalised oil dropped into the nose for healing of the throat, neck, head and senses. Nasya is useful in relieving stiffness of the head, neck, arteries, throat and jaw obstructions, vision and eyelid disorders, migraines, disorders of the neck, shoulders, ears, nose, and mouth. Includes a local steam to the head area before treatment
Purifying – Includes Head Massage and Nasal Steam
30mins – $45

EYE BASTI: Restores vision, dryness and stress out of the nerves surrounding the eyes
30 mins – $45

BACK AND NECK TREATMENT: Warm oil localised along the spine using a dough made from sesame oil and chickpea flour to form a donut shape to hold the warm oil which localises the oil to the lower back nerves. Chinese Cupping is also beneficial in relieving Sciatica discomfort
45mins $45.00

STOMACH MASSAGE: 60 MINS : $80 – includes head massage for relaxation after stomach work

CHINESE CUPPING: Includes Massage 1.5 hrs mins $120.00

MOXA TREATMENT: Includes Massage 1.5 hrs Mins $120.00

ENEMAS:  For Colon Care
30mins:  $50

AYURVEDA FACIAL:  1 hr – $80
Using Organic Ayurvedic Herbs

HEATING TREATMENTS: Help relieve muscles aches and tension in the body, also a way of eliminating toxins thru sweating.

Hot Rock/Sand Therapy + Warm Oil Abhyanga – 1.5hr $120/$180 Double Therapist

Hot Ginger Compressing + Warm Oil Abhyanga – 1.5hr $120/$180 Double Therapist

Herbal Steam with light oil application (not a massage) – 30mins $50

Hawaiian Lomi Lomi Massage (Ho’oponopono – To make right – to release and let go of negative thoughts, fears anger, sadness, jealousy –

60 Mins: $65
75 Mins: $75
90 Mins: $95
120 Mins: $125

Shiatzu – Japanese Massage (Fully Clothed) 60 Mins: $80

Hot Stones with Massage – 60 Mins: $80

Contact: 808 6340346

PAYMENT: CREDIT CARD is taken over the phone to secure the booking. There is a 24hr cancellation policy, where no show, full amount is charged.

Payment by Credit Card/Cash/Paypal
Gift Voucher Available

AYURVEDIC & HAWAIIAN TRAINING AVAILABLE – please see Training pages on this website

LMT No: 9933

Please note that we have accommodation available on site as of May 2016

Ho’oponopono – Ancient Hawaiian Massage

Lomilomi Massage

LOCATION: 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa,
The Big Island of HAWAII

Call for appointment: 808 6340346




TIMES AND COST (plus tax):
60 Min: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage : $65

75 Min: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage : $75

90 Min: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage : $95

120 Min: Lomi Lomi Hawaiian Massage: $130


At the time of booking a credit card number is taken to secure the booking. A 24 hour cancellation policy , otherwise full price of the treatment is charged.

Payment: Will include a 4.17% General Excise Tax/ Cash/Credit Card
Contact: (808) 634-0346
Email: Supergreen528@gmail.com/susanwilesmith@yahoo.com
BOOK ONLINE: www.alohaveda.com

Any misconduct in behaviour will result in dismissal (termination of treatment) without a refund. We are here to support any emotional needs, but also have to be mindful of others on the property. Please contain any negative conduct whilst visiting or receiving treatment.

LMT No: 9933

LOCATION: HONOKAA CLINIC – 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa HI 96727
COST: 5 days Training/ Excursions: $750 (TAX NOT INCLUDED)
WHEN: 24-28 TH JAN (1st Level)/ 31-4 FEBRUARY 2017 (2nd Level)
BOOK ONLINE : www.alohaveda.com

“I have to share what an amazing and personally transformative experience my Kauai lomilomi massage training with Susan Wilesmith at Alohaveda was. I have been a certified massage therapist practicing for 8 years and I have done several intensives in that time. I very much appreciated Susan’s intuition and sensitivity to my personal process making this ‘intensive’ a celebration rather than uncomfortably intense. Our time in Kalalau, working in the open air and immersed in the heartland of this healing modality, was truly an adventure and an opportunity to re-connect with nature and Self. Even if I never did another massage, the experience was well worth it and I highly recommend this gifted teacher and this magical experience.”

~Never Forget the Pleasure of the Journey~
Annalise Ozols RMT, NCTMB
Therapeutic Massage~Pancha Karma Treatments

HO‘OPONOPONO LOMILOMI is a Traditional Lomilomi massage

Ho‘oponopono means to make right, to make balance, to make harmony. Lomilomi basically means to soften. Soften the mind, body, emotions, but most importantly to soften the heart.

Receiving Ho’oponopono brings these two together in harmony creating a complete circle. Thus, becoming your true Keiki Kane (baby boy) or Keiki Kaimahine (baby girl) spirit.

You will feel balanced within yourself and connected with your true spirit.

ALOHA SPIRIT: is the coordination of mind and heart…it’s within the individual – it brings you down to yourself. You must think and emote good feelings to others without expectation.

A – Stands for AKAHAI, meaning kindness, to be expressed with tenderness.

L – Stands for LOKAHI, meaning unity, to be expressed with harmony

O – Stands for OLU’OLU, meaning agreeable, to be expressed with pleasantness

H – Stands for HA‘A HA‘A meaning humility, to be expressed with modesty

A – Stands for AHONUI, meaning patience, to be expressed with perseverance.

MANA: is the life force, the power that enables us to live….The gift of mana is all of ours, and we can command this mana. You generate mana through prayer, through deep breathing and through meditation.

Negativity, fear, anger, sadness, jealousy blocks the flow of the heart – the “Mana”.
The spiritual essence of our flow.

Clearing essence with chants is to turn off the mind.

The mind is the home of all negative energy. When we are conscious of this negative energy it is not ours…

The ultimate goal is to forgive. Ho’oponopono. If we don’t communicate we blow up like Pele (The volcano on Hawaii – Big Island). It is the giving which opens the heart.

PUU WAI: is the Heart or the true spirit, it is where the pure self is, the innocence. It is where our Baby Girl or Baby Boy resides.

The mind is not us, it is other people’s voices.

When we become conscious, this is when we start to hear whose voices we carry.

Other people’s voices, of their fears, negativity is what is put into you. That is why there is trouble in the world. We forget who we truly are.

Once we understand fear, there is no more fear. Turn off the voice and forgive.

FORGIVE: HA to release then there is no more FEAR.

AKUA – SPIRIT – to connect through the heart. The heart is pure innocence. Take this connection into the world, the universal flow of people, animals, plants, the environment. Everything can feel it.

To receive Ho‘oponopono Lomi Lomi,
contact Susan at 808.634.0346

“Aloha e ka la, e ka la!

E ola mai e ka la, i ka honua nei.”

“Greetings to the sun, life, the earth.”



LOCATION: AYURVEDIC CLINIC – 45-3396 Mamane Street, Honokaa HI 96727


One of the most unique aspects of Ayurveda is its cleansing and rejuvenation program known as Pancha karma (PK). The goal of Pancha Karma is to remove toxic build up from the body so that it enables to use energy efficiently. This process creates ease and harmony within. Things such as stress, environmental pollutants and poor lifestyle choices create a noxious load on the body that, if left in the tissues and bloodstream result in poor health. By reversing the degenerative process, Pancha Karma effects overall wellness and aids in the prevention of disease. The treatments enliven the digestive fires and loosen impurities within the body; this makes it possible to cleanse the tissue layers and release deeply held emotional tensions.


  • Eliminates toxic conditions from the body and mind
  • Restores your unique constitutional balance
  • Improves health and wellness
  • Strengthens the immune system
  • Improves self-reliance, strength, energy and vitality
  • Improves functioning of sensory and motor organs
  • Creates brilliance and luster of complexion
  • Accelerates recovery from mental and physical disorders
  • Deeply relaxing


  • Rheumatoid Arthritis
  • Fibromyalgia
  • Chronic fatigue
  • Overweight
  • Chronic Sinusitis
  • Coronary heart disease
  • Chronic bronchitis
  • Bronchial Asthma
  • Chronic Headache
  • Skin diseases
  • Chronic constipation
  • Menstrual problems
  • Menopausal syndrome
  • Depression and Anxiety
  • Multiple Sclerosis
  • Insomnia
  • Hypo and hyper thyroidism
  • Allergies

IDEALLY THIS TREATMENT IS TO PREVENT DISEASE, BUT IF DISEASE IS PRESENT THEN REMOVING THE BUILD UP OF ACCUMULATION AND AGGRAVATION IN THE TISSUES IS NECESSARY. Panchakarma gives HEALTH RESULTS leading to a SELF CARE SOLUTION. Panchakarma is traditionally experienced with Two Therapists in a synchronised massage and other supporting treatments.

PK PRICING – From 3 – 30 day Program – PRICES CAN BE MODIFIED DUE TO CLIENTS REQUESTS e.g. Two Therapists instead of one Therapist/ etc


Two Ayurvedic Consultations are scheduled before Treatment commences. First Consultation at least 2 weeks before Treatment dates begin either on phone or Skype or in person with Susan Wilesmith Deposit is received for Treatment Plan.

7 days before Treatment Commences – 2nd Ayurvedic Consultation is organised with Dr Jayarajan Kodikannath (Ayurvedic Doctor from Kerela India) or Dr Suhas

Pre Panchakarma Preparation emailed with supporting herbs (sent in the mail or collected from Clinic)

Daily 2 hour – approx – Panchakarma Detox Treatment –
Daily Pulse Diagnosis
Light Meal is provided after the Treatment – Please allow rest for half an hour before leaving Clinic after treatment
Supporting Herbs during the Treatment
Brief 15 min Ayurvedic Consultation before Treatment – Please note ** Consultation is different to a Counselling session
A Consultation is to view how you slept the night before, how is your digestion, how are your organs flowing with getting rid of toxins, and touching on your emotional field. A Counselling session is to support your emotional field and listen to you over a period of an hour or more due to emotional distress or emotional issues being presented. Remember Panchakarma is a time to let go, if emotions are flowing it is getting rid of emotion toxins. This is good.

Drink plenty of pure water, soothing herbal teas (without caffeine -) and fresh, organic fruit juices. Eat light foods in moderate amount, and increase your daily rest. Be gentle and nurturing to yourself. Please stay off your computer. Read, relax and write. If you decide to stay with us in a Retreat Setting situated in Waipio Valley, all meals and accommodation, tea etc will be provided.

Please wear comfortable older clothing that you don’t mind getting oily. Your massage and herbal sauna will also leave you in need of a bath, so plan accordingly. Also try to bring a cap or a bandana or scarf to cover your head, neck and shoulders after your treatment.

Drop Off to Airport if requested
Post Panchakarma Plan with supporting herbs
Phone, Skype or Personal Appointment made two weeks after Panchakarma is completed for follow up. >

Private Counselling Sessions: $120 per hour
Jyotishi Medical Reading with Dr Suhas Kshirsagar: $150 – 30 min/ $190 1 hour
Transport to and from your Resort or place of residence


RETREAT PACKAGES: Includes Panchakarma Treatments with Therapist, and all Meals. Prices do not include tax or accommodations
5 Days: $1,670
7 Days: $2,270
14 Days: $4,370
21 Days: $6,470
30 Days: $9,120

Cost: $1,120 – 5 DAYS
Cost: $1,520 – 7 DAYS
Cost: $2,920- 14 DAYS
Cost: $4,320 – 21 DAYS
Cost: $6,120 – 30 DAYS


Additional $100 per day if 2nd Therapist if requested

Payment can be made by Paypal – susanwilesmith@yahoo.com /Cash/Cheque – made out to Supergreen528Hz –
DEPOSIT: 20 percent deposit is made at the time of booking/remainder of payment is paid on the first day of treatment

Panchakarma – approximately 2 hr session consists of: PLEASE NOTE TREATMENT PLANS ARE MADE UP DAILY BASED ON PULSE AND DIAGNOSTICS FOUND ON THE DAY OF TREATMENT. Listed below are a List of some of the Panchakarma treatments that are often received during Panchakarma. Everyone is treated individually.

Daily Pulse Diagnosis

1  Hr  Panchakarma  Massage – followed by

1/2 Hour – additional Panchakarma Treatment  e.g. Shirodhara,  Takradara,   Warm Sand Bag Treatment, heating and  cooling  treatments  using  warm  Ayurvedic  oils and  herbs – see  below for description of Treatments

1/2 Hour – Treatment to senses (ears, eyes, mouth, skin,  nose) –  depending on Constitution and Enema

Some of the Treatments received during Panchakarma are: There are many treatments depending on what your imbalances are to create balance: Cooling, Heating Treatments are performed on a daily basis. Wet, Moist or Dry Treatments are given depending on your constitution. Boulus, Pichu, Dhara treatments are all prepared by what we find in the pulse and also the History from the Consultations. Please put aside at least a month for your Panchakarma Experience. One week of Preparation which is very important, your treatment time (whether a week or two weeks or longer) and then your Post Panchakarma Care, which could be up to 2 weeks. During these weeks it is important to keep a calm environment, you can work, but no parties at night or extra stimulation. Go to bed early. Keep to the simple diet and you will have great benefits.

ABHYANGA Massage: Herbal organic oil is poured onto and massaged into the body. This treatment aids in detoxing the body through lymphatic drainage and also nourishes and calms down the nervous system. Other benefits are prevents aging and increases longevity. Removes fatigue and stress from life overall. Promotes good vision. Remedies insomnia. Creates an electrochemical balance in the body. Prevents dehydration of the skin.

SHIRODHARA: This treatment is a warm oil flow to the head. Warm oil poured on the forehead is one of the most divine, relaxing therapies one can experience. ‘Shiro’ means head, and ‘dhara’ means flow. When people get up from this therapy, a healthy glow radiates from their skin. People look 20 years younger. Eyes gleam with tranquility while lips wear a smile of serenity. Shirodhara helps with diseases of the head, neck, eyes, ears, nose, throat, and nervous system. It also relieves insomnia, asthma, cholesterol, enlarged prostate, ulcers, rheumatism, etc. and is used to heal difficult diseases like diabetes, schizophrenia, and epilepsy.

NASYA Treatment: Ayurveda suggests that the nose is the gateway to the head. Thus, nasal herb therapy is used for healing diseases of the throat, neck head, and senses e.g. ears, nose eyes etc.) Nasya is also used for toning and strengthening these areas. This treatment is excellent for sinus problems, headaches and neck tension. The treatment consists of warm herbal oil placed into each nostril.

KARNA Treatment: This procedure involves placing oil into the ears. Ear oil heals disorders of the sense organs such as earaches or pain, deafness, ringing in the ear, all ear diseases and headaches; lockjaw, giddiness, twisted (wry neck), and diseases of the gums and teeth.

SWEDENATreatments: Sweat Therapy. Sweat tent, Hot Stones, Heated Sand Bags, Ginger Compressing…These treatments help in the detoxification through heat…These heating treatments cause the body’s channels to widen, enabling toxins to easily flow from the tissues and improve circulation. Heat allows the skin and blood to be cleansed. This relieves, cleanses and reduces fat tissue and muscle tension.

UDVARTANA Body Scrub: Vigorous scrubbing treatment using a cleansing herb which cleanses and detoxifies the body…This treatment purifies the system and is a beneficial weight loss treatment.

PINDA Treatment: In this procedure a warm bolus of medicated grain is applied to the body. …This treatment makes the body supple, and removes stiffness and swelling in the joints. It heals Vata diseases, clears obstructions, improves blood circulation, removes wastes from the body, improves complexion, strengthens digestion and restores vigor.

COOLING HERBAL SKIN TREATMENT: A warm herbal skin treatment consisting of herbs and flowers. Extremely cooling for the body…Great treatment for sun burn or overheated skin problems….

TAKRADHARA: This is a cooling treatment of pouring Buttermilk over the forehead…This treatment cools down the mind and pacifies the body…Very calming…

Oil and Herbal Enemas: Every day will end with an enema. The oil enema is the nourishing and nurturing to the large intestine..This is extremely good for anyone with internal dryness…The oil is absorbed into the deeper layers nourishing the internal core…

HERBAL ENEMA: The Herbal enema is a purgative, removing toxins from the large intestine…During the treatments of sweating, massage, skin treatments etc, the toxins are directed to the colon where they are removed with the Herbal Basti…purifying the system…


It is important to stop vigorous exercise while cleansing the body…gentle walking is OK, meditation, Qi Gong …..No intense yoga, surfing, jogging or strenuous exercise….The skin is sun sensitive at this time, so be mindful about exposure to sun and wind,…Slip, Slop, Slap…Slip on a shirt, Slop on some sunscreen, Slap on a hat.. Very important after Panchakarma Treatment to avoid exposure to wind and sun.

It is an advantage to rest, read spiritual books, write a journal, keep in the company of people with pleasant energy, and not to expend your energy too much with talking, exercise, and sex….

Cleansing is a special, unique time for you…..use it wisely…for spiritual growth, forgiveness and blessings…….

Individual Panchakarma programs can be as short as a week and as long as a month or even longer in some cases. During this time, clients are advised to put aside the usual preoccupations with work and family and devote themselves to rest as much as possible, both physically and mentally. They should surround themselves with a warm, comfortable and pleasant environment, reduce sensory input and avoid experiences that provoke strong emotions. It is also advised to meditate and do specific yoga postures, if so desired. This is an essential aspect of Panchakarma, since it will help the detoxification process go deeper.
The diet prescribed during and after treatment is also a key element in this therapy. Heavy food interferes with the cleansing process, so it is advised to eat small amounts of kitchari (a nourishing and cleansing porridge made with mung beans, basmati rice, medicinal spices and clarified butter or ghee) to provide the body with enough nutrition to keep it strong, as well as to keep the digestive fire kindled through the process.

The feeling you experience after this cleanse is magical. The body will feel lighter and brighter, energized and have a feeling of clarity and peace..

POST PANCHAKARMA IS VERY IMPORTANT PRACTICE: Supporting herbs will be given after your treatment with a follow up Consultation two weeks after Panchakarma is complete. After Panchakarma it is important to assist the body in the re-establishment of healthy metabolic system and immunity. If these post-treatment procedures are neglected the digestion may not normalise and the production of ama would continue. So after the program is over, it is advised to keep eating light, nourishing foods, such as mung dhal soup and rice and to gradually add vegetables and other foods. It is recommended to slowly and gradually return to regular activities to avoid taxing the nervous system, because the body is in a sensitive, somewhat vulnerable state after treatments.
You will go home with a written sheet specialised individually for post care herbs, activities plus dietary requirements.

1: A Panchakarma Admission Agreement Document is emailed and signed by both Client and Practitioner, confirming dates and agreed requirements and responsibilities for both Client and Practitioner.
2: A 20% Deposit (non refundable) is received by Cheque and posted to P O Box 731, Kamuela HI 96743, or Credit Card.

3: A Phone, Skype or Personal Appointment is made for the Pre Panchakarma Consultation.

4: A Panchakarma Preparation Document is emailed with directions on how to Prepare for the Cleanse. The Pre Panchakarma Preparation consists of 6 days of oil ingestion before treatment begins. The Preparation is compulsory as it assists in releasing toxins from the cells into the gastrointestinal tract ready for elimination by enemas during the Cleanse. The difference of doing or not doing the Panchakarma preparation is a bit like wringing out a wet towel and getting rid of the excess, instead of wringing out of a dry log. We need to administer oils to the body to loosen the toxins so they may release easily during the purification processes.
5: Balance of Payment is received the first day of Treatment also non-refundable. Any inquiries please call Susan 808 6340346. Q: Why no refund? – A: Many Organic oils and herbs are purchased individually before treatment so there is an outgoing expense before the Client arrives on top of purchasing of organic food and fresh herbs, teas etc.
6. If something arises during the cleanse physically where the treatments have to stop then we can discuss releasing the balance of the funds or re-scheduling for another time. This is open for discussion at the time. Generally I encourage Clients who go thru a difficult time physically and emotionally to trust in the process and continue the whole program, unless it is debilitating and harmful to the Clients health then the treatment is ceased immediately.
A Healing crisis occurs when a large quantity of toxins that have been locked in your tissues for years, is released into your system for elimination. As these toxins are expelled into your system you may experience insomnia, heaviness, aching, or general discomforts and flu-like symptoms. You may also develop a feverish feeling, which is simply your body’s way of burning up toxic waste. You may notice some emotional swings or experience intense feelings. Do not be alarmed – this is both a natural and necessary part of tissue cleansing. Everyone has an individual experience, even if you do panchakarma regularly there are no two the same.

This Cleansing Program is recommended every 3 – 6 months between seasons

Precaution: It is advised to start a cleanse after your menstrual cycle is complete.

Please Book: supergreen528@gmail.com/susanwilesmith@yahoo.com – 808 6340346

Please Note that any behavioral misconduct will result in discontinuance of treatment without a refund. We are here to support your cleanse and detox , but we cannot afford disturbances and drama that effect the Therapists or other clients that are receiving treatments at or around the Clinic space. Personal Responsibility of Thought, Expression and Action is essential.

Ayurvedic Counseling


WHERE: 45-3396 Mamane Street, BIG ISLAND, HAWAII


Lifestyle Counselling based on Ayurvedic Principles.

What is my Dosha?

When, How, What should I eat?

Why am I feeling tired?

How can I loose weight?



Bloated, Constipated, Anxious, Stressed, fearful, angry, waking up with lack of motivation and/or energy

Suffering from dis-ease

Would like to have a healthier diet, relationship, work environment.

These are all questions that are asked regularly in my Ayurvedic Practice.

An Ayurvedic Consultation takes about 1.5 hour.

Phone or Skype Consultations are available upon request.

Cost: $120

Payment: Credit Card information is taken at the time of booking. A 24 hour cancellation policy otherwise full payment will be credited to account.
PAYPAL: susanwilesmith@yahoo.com

For Appointment Call: 808 6340346

Create a better LIFESTYLE, which creates a HAPPIER YOU :)