The Ancient Art of Lomilomi

Lomilomi means to massage, to comfort, to feel a thing to ascertain its qualities. The Ancient Hawaiians knew even back then that massage was not only healing, but an essential part of healthy living, and that to make a correct assessment and promote healing, one must “feel” that person. The benefits of massage are well known, yet, too often many put off different modalities simply because of mis-information. Lomilomi (or simply Lomi) can be quite beneficial if one is open to the different paths to healing.

The ancestors used Lomilomi to relax, to heal sore muscles and make spinal adjustments and set broken bones. They were able to turn a baby in a transverse birth or correct twisted intestines; they could help control a fever and relieve chest congestion and promote clear breathing. With the knowledge of points on the body, the correct oils and proper use of herbs, the Lomi practitioner can help the ailed in many many ways of which most folks, even therapists are unaware.


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